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Hello, my name is Lynn and I am an intuitive channeler, author and Quantum Crystalline Energy Practitioner. I am also Certified Carmel Joy Baird Facilitator who is a world renowned medium from Alberta, Canada. I am teaching 2 of her courses: Awaken Your Spirit and Extensive Mediumship.

I am the proud author of "How to Raise Your Children with Wisdom and Awareness". Through this book, I share wisdom, exercises and prayers I have channeled from Spirit Guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters who, from above, have set to motion a series of shared wisdom, exercises, and prayers to guide parents in this important role of raising their children. 

Through Channelling, I also sense Spirits and Guides who want to communicate their well-being to you as well as who want to convey messages for you to start healing your own life. I also offer intuitive house/business clearing through smudging, crystal placement and sound vibrations from my set of bells.

Furthermore, I offer Crystalline Energy Treatments tailored to your own needs. These are deep healing sessions with my attuned crystals, following a set protocol to ground and help you release what is no longer needed.  

I am in business with my friend Sharon Vettoretto as we have created Our Healing Hearts products. These are tied dyed hearts which contain essential oil, and specially chosen crystals to soothe, alleviate stress and create abundance. Check out our facebook page Our Healing Hearts for more details.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am truly blessed to have so much to offer you as a client as I continue to grow and learn. 

My next two projects are using the healing grid I was downloaded with which uses crystals and a body scan to ascertain and balance your energies. As well, I am in the process of creating my own deck of oracle cards which, once again, were downloaded to me as I channeled the names and meaning of the 25 cards. Spirit is AMAZING and I am a lucky lady ! So contact me if you want to chat and see what services would best suit your current needs.

"Peace Within is Peace Living" quote from my book I strive to live by.

My first book : How to Raise Children with Wisdom and Awareness

This is a simple book which I hope is to become part of the toolbox parents have to raise their children. Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters who, from above, have set to motion a series of shared wisdom, exercises and prayers to guide parents in this important role of raising their children. Through this book, they are given insight as how best to achieve this. 

Read an excerpt here....

From one of my many Spirit Guides, a very ancient and wise Native Elder gentleman named “Hoshowashee” of the Deer Clan

 A Prayer for the little ones   

May your life be blessed 

May your hurts be few 

May your failures teach you 

May your happiness guide you 

May your life be blessed 

May you find kindness out of your struggles 

May you find love in caring for others 

May you find satisfaction in knowing you did your very best and listened to your heart 

May you speak your truth from your heart, plainly and clearly, coming from a place of love and kindness

May you change the world for the better, little by little, action by action, gazing kindly at what surrounds you 

May you learn from your Elders 

May you learn from your peers 

May you learn from your parents or from significant adults in your life Listen, really listen to those who speak around you 

Gather Knowledge and Wisdom from all you meet as each one has been purposefully put onto your path for you to learn who you are, what your heart holds true, leading you to your very own path in this lifetime 

May your life be blessed 

May your life be blessed 

May your life be blessed from this moment on.


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As I work as a teacher during the day, I am available evenings and weekends. Please email me so we can set up a time to meet. 

Lynn Baribault at Clearing Paths

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